PSC Unit 500
Scott AFB, IL 62225

United Armed Forces Association
P.O. Box 2603
Waco, TX 76702-2603

To: Whom It May Concern

Re: Wiley C. Carter Jr of the United Armed Forces Association

I want to personally inform you of the outstanding professionalism and superior service me and my family were provided by Mr. Wiley Carter. I have been in the Air Force 14 years in needed to invest for my family’s future but didn’t know which direction to take. I felt comfortable enough with Mr. Carter to explain my ideas and goals, and seek his expertise. I was overwhelmed with his wealth of knowledge in the financial planning markets realm.

Mr. Carter was very sensitive to my needs and immediately established a personal training portfolio to educate me on the financial markets and financial planning. This information enabled me to understand and commit funds to various plans available to fit my needs. Mr. Carter was relaxed and not intimidating like so many agents I’ve encountered in the past. He was genuinely concerned that I plan for my future, not just attempting to make a sale.

I have referred Mr. Carter to many other Air Force members that have expressed a desire to financially plan for the future. You certainly have an asset in Mr. Carter and I want to express my sincere thanks for his assistance.


Joan McCray
Major, United States Air Force

cc:  Mr. Wiley Carter

McCray Original Correspondence

Robert and Diane Moore

RE: Mr. Wiley C. Carter, Jr.

To Whom It May Concern:

We first met Wiley Carter at an invitation-only business dinner in 2008. His presentation was delivered in a professional style with much information that pertained to our situation. This connected to us in such a way that we were intrigued and wanted to hear more. Subsequently we invited Wiley to our home to further discuss investment strategies. He was so thorough and capable in explaining our options: that we signed up for several annuity and life insurance plans. To do so he had to close out our previous retirement and investment accounts and did this in a prompt, cost-effective manner.

Since 2001 we have enjoyed numerous visits from Wiley, including updated emails to inform us of new and exciting business ventures to explore. He has always answered any or all questions and offered us options that we could consider. Often, he would entertain us with many amusing anecdotes and life examples that aid us in our investment decisions.

We would encourage others to consider Wiley Carter as a financial planner. He is a man of integrity, who is always pleasant, flexible, accommodating and is constantly striving to keep current and learn what is new on the business horizon. We plan to continue our close business relationship with Wiley Carter as our financial planner.


Robert H. Moore and Diane J. Moore

Moore Original Correspondence

July 2019


I would have been sunk with out you!

I can't express my gratitude

for all the things you do for us

Thank You so much


Teresa Original Correspondence

Aristotle Abraham
6819 Rebel Grove
Converse, TX 78109

Mr. Don Underwood
American amicable Life
Waco, TX 96701

Dear Mr. Underwood,

I am writing this letter to let you know of the exceptional service I received from one of your agents. In a society where customers are not always treated with courtesy, it was a gratifying experience to have Mr. Wiley Carter as our financial consultant. Mr. Carter met with me and my wife and sat down and explained how we could make our money work for us now and well into the future. He helped us to set up a plan that would allow us to become debt free, giving us more financial freedom. More importantly, he gave us valuable information on obtaining a VA loan and took us through the necessary steps to obtain one. Because of the information Mr. Carter gave us and his sincere advice, my wife and I are now proud first-time homeowners. Mr. Carter made buying a house so easy because we were ready mentally, financially, and we had all the paperwork in our possession which really impressed our mortgage company.  We are very grateful to Mr. Carter for what he has done for us and we feel confident that we can call on him in the future and receive the same exceptional service. Thank you for having such a fine agent on your team making you and your agency look great!

If there are any questions you might have, please call. I can be reached at (210) 661-0223.

Thanks again and May God Bless you


Aristotle Abraham

cc: Mr. Wiley Carter

Aristotle Original Correspondence